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We love nature and we protect it.

RamRaj will lead to the overall development in different sectors (Information Technology ,Infrastructure) including Agriculture. We are having problems in different fields like some policies of government do not reach the people in the way they should or some lack in the overall process. RamRaj will try to solve this problem by creating many kinds of links. Not only this with time it will take into account Global aspects also. So in totality we here will try our best to attain the above said objectives.

Ramraj Services is a private limited company which is focused on "Transforming the nation into a developed country, five areas in combination have been identified based on India’s core competence, natural resources and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realize the vision of OVER ALL DEVELOPMENT”. Ramraj services private limited is registered under the company Act, 2013 and the registered office of the company will be situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Object to be pursued by the company on incorporation are:

1. To use of information technology for upliftment and development of rural population and public in general including Agriculture.

2. To carry on the business of Software designing, development, customization, implementation, maintenance, testing, designing, developing and dealing in computer software and solutions, to develop, provide, undertake, design, import, export, distribute and deal in Systems and application software for microprocessor based information systems, off shore software development projects, internet service provider, and solutions in all areas of application and to manufacture, sell, export, import all kinds of electric & electronic components capable of being used in Electrical & mechanical and electronic Industries including Computers telecommunications to carry our software research and development.

Ramraj services (p) Ltd. has started to work in three areas agriculture, technologies and education with a vision of overall development using latest technologies.




    Our mission to make all happy and free from any kind of disease. Everyone can think of ways to success and no one should suffer in life. Peace should come in everyone’s life.







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