Ramraj Agriculture Services

Welcome to Smart agriculture & consultation services

We are adopting smart ways to agriculture techniques on mushroom with green manuring, bio-fertilizers, irrigation, crop management, weed control, marketing and human resources development.

Besides this we have a support of huge number of farmers who has shown confidence in us, large number of officials, visitors, media persons agricultural, scientists, researches etc. by honouring them and interacting with them for beneficial farming.


Presently we are working towards mass production of mushroom .

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We provide free of cost consultation to our formers working for us. We value our farmers and we know how important role they play for the upliftment of the nation.

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Employment generation

RamRaj Services have been a Boom in rural areas, when it comes to employment in agriculture sector.

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Seed production

Seed is the most important component of production .

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Study on plant protection

Insects and pests were taken special care of after discussion with farmers and Scientists.

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